About is a free web tech and programming video series created by Secret Monkey Science, LLC, an independent developer of iOS applications, web services and other programs. We’ve spent many years working with various web technologies and programming languages, and love to share our tips and tricks.

Web development

We have created or worked on many websites for large companies, government departments, agencies and high-profile clients.

Apps for iPhone & iPad

Our first official release in the App Store is FaceJack, a super-fun app that allows you to turn someone's picture into a funny talking video, then upload to Facebook and Twitter.

Team Bios

Andrew Chalkley

Andrew Chalkley is a developer, consultant and educator specializing in cutting edge web technologies. He has a passion for open source software and open standards. His entire career has centered around the web and he has worked in many different roles ranging from Search Engine Marketing Manager to RIA Lead. He has worked with commercial and non-profit organizations over the years on a variety of websites and iPhone projects. Chalkley has spoken all over the UK at user groups and other special events on a wide variety of web development technologies, including Øredev in Sweden and Hull Digital in the UK. Andrew is the Web and RIA Community Leader at “Skills Matter” organizing and chairing Europe-wide Developer conferences. He also teaches the Core Ruby on Rails course at Skills Matter and talks regularly at “In the Brain” sessions.

Andrew is based in the East Riding of Yorkshire in the UK.

Josh Timonen

Josh Timonen is a designer and programmer, and has been involved in many aspects of multimedia creation including graphic design, coding, filmmaking, screenwriting, music composition, sound design and more. Josh previously worked at Intel Corporation as a software technician/engineer, where he contributed to the development of Serial ATA. He has worked on several Hollywood feature films in various capacities, including director, cinematographer, editor, main title designer, and composer. He has provided design and web services for several non-profits including Nirnaya and Vikasini, which educates young girls in urban Indian slums. He has two music albums available through iTunes under the name “Rayno.”

Josh is based in Portland, Oregon, US.

Speaking Request

If you would like Andrew Chalkley or Josh Timonen to speak at an Event or User Group please contact